Dreamscapes of Emotion: Navigating the World of Dreams

Dr Annahita

11/1/20234 min read

My dream world has always held a special place in my heart, casting a spellbinding allure from my earliest childhood adventures to the enigmatic encounters of adulthood. In this post, I share with you the ethereal realm of dreams as I recount three of the most extraordinary dreamscapes that have etched themselves deeply into my consciousness. These dreams introduced me to mysterious and otherworldly entities, sparking profound questions about the meaning of life and gifting me with indelible memories that continue to resonate strongly with me to this day.

During my younger years, I was fortunate enough to experience the most awe-inspiring dreams, ones that I could vividly recall upon waking. These dreams transported me to enchanting, far-off realms where colors seemed to come alive in ways I couldn't fathom during waking hours. In these fantastical reveries, I embarked on wondrous adventures, armed with superhuman abilities that defied the laws of physics. I could leap boundlessly, and take flight effortlessly, and the thrill of these escapades often left me yearning to return to slumber's embrace, eager to resume my exhilarating journeys.

Three of these dreams have etched themselves into the tapestry of my memory so indelibly that I can vividly recall every intricate detail — from the vivid sights to the profound emotions that coursed through me. Even the minutiae of the surroundings and my actions, both during the dream and in the immediate moments after awakening, remain remarkably clear in my mind's eye. I've shared these dreams below, not only to recount their enchantment but also in the hope of connecting with my fellow dreamers who may have experienced similar captivating journeys.

Dream 1: The Ethereal Being

At the tender age of five, I found myself in a dream that still haunts my memory. I was in my childhood home, and it was a serene evening. I perched on the cozy living room sofa, my gaze transfixed upon the glass folding doors that vaguely revealed our tranquil walled garden. Beyond the windows, the night loomed, shrouded in darkness. My reflection stared back at me, a portrait of innocence bathed in soft moonlight. I was unequivocally convinced that I was wide awake, and did not have any recollection of going to sleep.

Seated in silent communion across from me was my mother, her attention wholly absorbed by the pages of a cherished Persian cuisine cookbook. But then, in an instant, without warning, the boundaries of reality began to blur. As I looked out into the blackness, a luminous, spherical entity approached me from the obsidian abyss outside, moving effortlessly this otherworldly entity was fast approaching me. Panic surged through me, and my cries for help echoed through the room, yet my mother remained frozen in her culinary reverie, oblivious to my distress.

It was as if I had been transported to an alternate realm, one that coexisted with my waking world yet remained tantalizingly beyond my comprehension. Every detail of this enigmatic dream is etched into my memory, like the exquisite patterns of the rug beneath my feet, the inviting brown sofas that cradled my tiny form, and the bewilderingly expressionless face of my mother, as if she were a mere apparition in my dream. To this day, I wonder about the significance of that dream and the unearthly being that bridged the gap between the two worlds.

Dream 2: The Encounter With The Cloaked Entity

Around the age of fifteen, I had fallen asleep on the floor in our living room. In the dream, I awoke to find a figure towering ominously over me. The figure, cloaked in a shroud of inky darkness, a spectral silhouette with a countenance as vast and unfathomable as the cosmos itself. In the place of it's face, was an abyss of chilling emptiness, a void that gnawed at my very soul.

Dread and terror gripped me as this enigmatic presence extended an eerie hand toward me, whispering in sepulchral tones that shook the walls and ceilings "Come with me." My heart raced, and desperation took hold. Drawing from the depths of my subconscious, I summoned the Lord's Prayer with an unerring precision, a stark contrast to the fumbled recitations of my Catholic school assemblies. Miraculously, the incantation bore fruit!

With a shudder that transcended the dream realm and rippled into reality, I awoke from my haunted slumber. My arm throbbed with an aching pain where the spectral hand had reached out to claim me. Without a moment's hesitation, I bolted from my home, seeking refuge in the comforting embrace of a friend's nearby home.

This haunting encounter with this figure left me with powerful memories and a profound reverence for the power of faith and prayer.

Dream 3: An Encounter from Another Being

My most recent remarkable dream unfolded just last year. It was a night like any other as I nestled in the cocoon of my warm bed, I drifted into a deep sleep.

In what must have been in the early hours of dawn, a curious awareness washed over me as I awakened within the dream itself. There, in a surreal out-of-body perspective, I gazed down upon my own sleeping and lifeless form.

As I moved my gaze from my body to the window adjacent to my bed, I noticed him—a small, pale, slender man, his presence as captivating as it was disconcerting. His large brown eyes, reminiscent of polished chestnuts, held an inexplicable depth, and his pale skin seemed almost luminescent in the dim light. Perched just outside my window, he fixed his unwavering gaze directly upon me, unflinching. His very presence seemed to exude an otherworldly aura, stirring the primal instincts of fear within me.

Fighting back the tendrils of dread that threatened to ensnare me, It took every ounce of courage to break the silence. I summoned my voice, initially a feeble whisper, into a loud crescendo of desperation as I repeatedly cried out “Wake Up, Wake Up Now!". Time seemed to stretch and contort in that eerie moment, but eventually, my cries pierced the dream's veil and I awoke startled and confused.

However, as the dream dissipated like mist in the morning sun, an unsettling feeling of regret washed over me. The enigmatic visitor, despite triggering my instinctual fear response, had possessed an air of wisdom, as if he bore a message meant just for me. In the stillness of the waking world, I wished I had taken a different path, one guided by curiosity rather than succumbing to fear, for the encounter felt like a missed opportunity to unravel the mysteries of that otherworldly messenger.

To this day, the memory of that dream continues to reverberate in my thoughts, a reminder of the delicate balance between fear and curiosity in the realm of the unknown.


Dreams, a realm where we spend a third of our lives, hold a profound significance. They offer us glimpses into the unknown, reveal insights into our emotions, and leave us pondering the mysteries of our own consciousness. These three extraordinary dreams, each with its unique encounter, have left an indelible mark on my life, reminding me of the boundless potential of the human imagination and the enigmatic nature of our dream world.